Dog Behavior Modification Success Stories

Our life was upside down after rescuing 2 adorable street-dog pups in the Caribbean. They arrived, 5 months old with no names, never lived in a house and no training at all.

And, we loved them! One month later they had their first fight. Then another, and another, the last a very serious one. We were at our wits end, until our friends told us about Ray and we haven’t looked back since. He taught our family how to manage our dogs with “Heel” training, helping them to relax and be well behaved. Our dogs are now very happy and so are we. It has been transformational. We highly recommend Ray if you have any dog problems. You will also have made a great friend with this wonderful man.


Isle of Wight, UK

Spira, my 4 year old German Shepherd was headed to an untimely bad end. She had grown increasingly dog aggressive and had bitten her second victim, a Dachshund walking past our house. I had sought out every behaviorist in the greater Boston area, 7 of them, including 3 academics of International fame. The dog fights caused in me a hyper alert anxiety that made things worse. The Dachshund’s owner suggested Ray McSoley. When Ray entered the house Spira went submissive. Ray said my fear directed her aggression. He set out to build upon our heeling work.

After 2 weeks, Ray said we’d go off lead. We walked in parks, where she’d exploded, passing 20 dogs in an hour. No aggression. Slowly, over months, I lost my fear. My companion of woods and fields had returned. It took a year but now, a model citizen, she plays with dogs. This miracle is from Ray McSoley. He saved Spira’s life and gave us both the gift of rebirth.


Weston, MA

Ray, A thousand thanks! The landscaper did not latch one of the back gates this morning. They always have in the past. Riley pushed the gate and got out! With the whistle, he came right back! We are so grateful to you for suggesting the whistle technique of yours – and that Riley will come for all of us!


Framingham, MA