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Ray McSoley & Animal Behavior Associates
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 by Maria O.

Ray. Is. Simply. The. BEST!

I engaged Ray to help me train our aggressive East German Shepherd male who had an extremely high prey drive. This intimidating dog went from being the alpha to following 6 basic commands (here, wait, down, heal, place, leave it) flawlessly. While he still was our home's Director of Public Safety, he developed into an obedient watch dog ... all thanks to Ray!

 by Judy T

 by Donna Toncic

Excellent trainer!

 by Sherry Sickler

Myself and my dog Reno's experience with Ray was amazing. Reno was viciously attacked by another dog causing my dog to be fearful and anxious. My biggest concern was Reno (75 lbs) was unable to get out of the car including at the vet's. After a 4 hour house call with Ray I gained valuable knowledge and techniques to help Reno to make a full recovery. Reno and I have become a confident team. I think I have a better dog then I had before the attack!!

 by Vicki D

We were referred to Ray from a friend and we are beyond lucky to have him as our dog trainer. He is truly a dog whisperer! His calmness and energy were perfect for us. Our puppy was biting us and the leash, jumping up and pulling. After one training session with Ray her behaviors changed. I’ve learned so much from him. He’s an incredible dog trainer as well as an amazing person. I highly recommend him.

 by Mary Salman

Ray did an amazing job with our rescue dog Jessie. Jessie was a rescue from Texas where we believe she was hit by a car which resulted in her losing an eye, tail, and a broken femur. The shelter brought her back to health and we continued the work. Jessie arrived to us scared of people, sounds, and even going for a walk. She wouldn’t even step out on the side walk. We reached out to Ray and he completely transformed Jessie! Jessie LOVES going for walks now, is so much better about meeting new people, and isn’t afraid for cars any longer. Her confidence grew so much and she’s now living her best life, thanks to Ray’s help! We couldn’t recommend him enough!

 by Marisa McNally

Ray McSoley has a true gift and is by far the most professional, efficient, and effective trainer I have ever worked with. After one session, my dog and I began working together better, and he provided clear action steps for me to continue to make progress between sessions. I cannot wait for more sessions with Ray, as he is a genuinely remarkable person and trainer. We are forever grateful!

 by Jocelyn

I found Ray as a recommendation through my Vet after struggling to get my 8 month old puppy to walk, which was leading to frustration. We had tried puppy training courses before working with Ray, but my puppy still did not want to walk on a leash and would become very afraid anytime she was in a new environment. Ray was equally as helpful for both myself and my puppy. He helped me to understand the behavior behind my dog’s actions, which gave me the confidence to start working on new leash skills. Ray taught my dog how to walk better on a leash and then helped teach me how to be the leader of the leash. My dog has come a long way and can now confidently walk on a leash in new areas, a skill she did not have before! I can’t thank Ray enough for all of his help!

 by Eliza

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ray after struggling to take my newly adopted Bernedoodle, Bridger, on walks/ in public without him pulling, barking, and growling at any dog we encountered. Every walk was anxiety inducing for both me and Bridger and left me exhausted from all the pulling.

Within moments of meeting Ray, I saw my dog's whole demeanor change. He was immediately responsive to Ray's calm, yet commanding energy. In just one session, Ray taught Bridger how to "heel", a command that I attempted for months with him, but to no avail. Ray also taught me the invaluable lesson of how my body language affects Bridger's response to stimulus. Thank you so much for giving me the tools and confidence to take Bridger on a walk without worrying every corner I turn. The seemingly simple concepts that you taught us during our lesson have completely eliminated his aggressive behavior & Bridger seems much more relaxed in general. I can't imagine where we'd be without Ray, thank you a million times!!!

 by J.M. Westwood MA

Thank you so much for helping my dog Chipper with his fear of vinyl floors. He has been doing great thanks to you. We so appreciate your patience and kindness that allowed Chipper to trust you and conquer his fears.

 by Jessica and Mike

I wanted to let you know about the incredible progress that has been made with Jack over the last few days! On Sunday, Jack played with Willow. Well, I must say we are very proud of our boy, he continues to make us jprouder every day. We are so appreciative of your services. You helped our Jack become a better and happier dog!

 by Lee and Dave

Thought you might want to know that aliens have abducted Harley and left behind a very well-behaved look-alike! Walks this weekend and this morning have gone really well. Harley's holding a nice heel, and he beginning to relax a little.  Not mouthing or hiding behind us anymore. He's not paying attention to cars or bikes, has passed leashed dogs without problems (yeah!) and ignored a couple of yakky fellows loose in their owner's yard.

 by Chris and Sharon

We were referred to Ray by a local trainer to help with our adopted three year old Golden: pulling on the leash and aggression with other animals, particularly dogs. Ray came to our home, listened to our concerns and explained Bailey's behaviors were rooted in fear, having grown up in a home with an older dominant male. With Ray's guidance Bailey quickly caught on to heeling and walking with a loose leash, and soon afterwards encountering other dogs without aggression. He's a changed dog, more at ease, and just as important we're changed people in that we understand what's driving the behavior and how to help Bailey overcome it. Best of all he has socialized with other dogs in our circle of family and friends. Hooray!

 by Barbara and Jim

Ray Mc Soley helped "train" my husband and me when we were having trouble with our German Shepherd puppy, Sadie. We had tried other trainers with no good results and were at the point of finding another home for her. Because of Ray's extensive knowledge, calm manner and expertise, we were able to become pretty good dog owners and Sadie stayed with us for almost 13 years! She was a wonderful part of our family and we still miss her so much. She enriched our lives ... and kept us pretty healthy too with long walks at Rocky Woods and

NoonHill every day. Had we given up before we met Ray, we would have missed out on many years of joy with Sadie. Hands down, RAY IS THE BEST !!!

 by Francie & Jim

Ray is most definitely the “dog whisperer”, his calm manner and years of experience have helped us immensely. We were referred to Ray by our veterinarian for significant behavioral problems with our Bouvier de Flanders puppy, Hamish. His fear-based issues made it impossible for us to take Hamish to the vet for check-ups or even getting his routine vaccinations. Ray has helped us with Hamish so that he is able to go to the vet now as well as many of the “normal” activities that dogs do with people. We have even been able to travel with Hamish and stay at rental properties with no issues. Thanks to Ray, Hamish is coping with life and is a much happier more confident dog!

 by Angela

I was chatting with a friend about challenges that my family and I were experiencing as our puppy was approaching two. Without hesitation my friend said I’m going to send you Ray’s information, contact him. Well I did and was not disappointed. Ray immediately caught onto our issues and has helped our whole family a great deal. Our puppy is very happy and seemingly proud with himself in his new found self control. Thank you Ray!

 by Janet Liss

Ray’s unparalleled understanding of canine behavior coupled with his keen observational skills and boundless wisdom and experience, make him simply— the best at what he does! After two years of “obedience training,” Kane could sit, down, place, come when called…yet he was still a fearful, anxious dog who would pace, growl and bark whenever someone would walk by the house or pass us on a walk. He’d patrol the yard nervously barking with his fur on end. I worried that my sweet, but damaged rescue dog, would never know a calm, contented life--until I met Ray McSoley. Ray taught our dog how to manage his fear and gave us the tools to help our dog channel his energy toward tasks to curb his reactivity. Within weeks, Kane was a calmer, happier, more affectionate dog.

 by Liz Doyne

Three years ago Ray came to my house, 6 hours away from his, and turned my relationship with my golden retriever puppy and me around. This was my 3rd golden and the other two were easy for me. This puppy was really anxious and dominant, a kind of tricky mix, and had come to us at an early 6 weeks. He was not bred the same way the others were. He had worms, fleas and seemed insecure. He was biting and aggressive in a way I hadn’t known Goldens to be. I was at a loss, and getting bitten to boot. When Ray was here he quickly identified the problem, made me feel comfortable with what he saw, even though it required changes on my part,, and taught me how to establish my leadership with this puppy who needed more firmness and consistency than he was getting. He taught me how to walk him, how to make me heel and follow my lead, and within a few weeks his unpredictable aggressiveness mellowed and we could play and relax together. Now, 3 years later, this wonderful soul is a therapy dog and lays by my side during sessions, and even, when he senses some sorrow in a client, will look at me, cock his head to see my command, and if I nod he goes to the client and offers his comfort. My other 2 goldens also did this, but never at 3 years old. This one has now calmed down so much, has an easy attachment to me, and to others, and has turned into a most beloved companion. I do believe that Ray was instrumental in getting us to this place and I would hire him in a skinny minute if I ever have the need again. In addition, because of the drive here, Ray stayed with us and was such a delight as a guest. I feel fortunate to have him as a friend and a guide.

 by Heidi

Spira, my 4 year old German Shepherd was headed to an untimely bad end. She had grown increasingly dog aggressive and had bitten her second victim, a Dachshund walking past our house. I had sought out every behaviorist in the greater Boston area, 7 of them, including 3 academics of International fame. The dog fights caused in me a hyper alert anxiety that made things worse. The Dachshund’s owner suggested Ray McSoley. When Ray entered the house Spira went submissive. Ray said my fear directed her aggression. He set out to build upon our heeling work. After 2 weeks, Ray said we’d go off lead. We walked in parks, where she’d exploded, passing 20 dogs in an hour. No aggression. Slowly, over months, I lost my fear. My companion of woods and fields had returned. It took a year but now, a model citizen, she plays with dogs. This miracle is from Ray McSoley. He saved Spira’s life and gave us both the gift of rebirth.

 by Kim

Our life was upside down after rescuing 2 adorable street-dog pups in the Caribbean. They arrived, 5 months old with no names, never lived in a house and no training at all. And, we loved them! One month later they had their first fight. Then another, and another, the last a very serious one. We were at our wits end, until our friends told us about Ray and we haven’t looked back since. He taught our family how to manage our dogs with “Heel” training, helping them to relax and be well behaved. Our dogs are now very happy and so are we. It has been transformational. We highly recommend Ray if you have any dog problems. You will also have made a great friend with this wonderful man.

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