Dog Behavior Training - Fear Frustration

– Photo: Ray communicating with a client –  

“I’m totally frustrated with Bullet’s behavior,” the caller said. “I’m really ready to give him up.” This situation calls for immediate intervention. Frustration is low level anger, leading to conflict, which is totally destructive to the relationship with your dog. Step one to ending frustration involves our reflecting on just what is really the cause of this frustration. The answer is our ego. Repeating an ineffective approach again and again in an effort to solve a particular problem with your dog becomes, over time, counter-productive, and, eventually, frustration arrives. What is the most effective antidote for frustration? It’s patience. When working your dog, reflect on your emotional state. End the workout the minute your frustration meter begins to rise. Your goal is simple – help the dog. Frustration makes achieving that goal impossible. Fear your frustration, and seek help from a professional, experienced dog person. Get in touch with Ray if you are frustrated with your dog’s behavior and are looking for a solution.