Dog Behavior Problems Solved

Ray offers dog behavior training to help get your dog’s behavior problems solved: all forms of aggression, obedience issues, anxieties, social issues, phobias, any behavior requiring help. Contact Ray today for help with dog behavior training.

February’s Problem of the Month Solved

I rescued Duke, a sweet, calm young dog. However, after a few weeks, he became aggressive towards other people. He barked aggressively, lunged towards them, and even snapped his teeth near them. I immediately went to dog training at a local facility, but the trainer there seemed a bit lost about what to do. On walks, I had to cross the street when people were near to keep them safe. When guests came to my house, I had to lock Duke upstairs, where he would bark for long periods of time.

Then, I saw Ray’s website. Ray was so different than other trainers I had worked with. He was so calm around Duke, as Duke barked, lunged at him, and snapped his teeth. By the end of the first session, Duke was calm and relaxed around Ray.

After three sessions and by practicing what Ray showed me, Duke can now calmly walk by other people on the street. When guests come over, Duke can be around them, instead of being locked upstairs. What a wonderful change!! I can’t thank Ray enough for teaching me how to work with Duke to decrease his anxiety and aggression!


Millis, MA