Barrier Frustration

I was with a client early this morning. Her Chocolate Lab recently ran through the underground fence system after a dog being walked on a lead past my client’s home. A short dust-up ensued, with no serious injuries to anyone. When I got there I noted the fence system had been installed right up to

the sidewalk, allowing my client’s dog to get within 3 feet of another dog. The fence system had been professionally installed. Please, never allow a company to install your dog fence system any closer than 25’. If you’ve the space, do 40’. Fencing close to the street/sidewalk encourages your dog to become highly territorial, and, potentially very aggressive. This process is called “Barrier Frustration.” Fence companies, in my experience, routinely install these systems far too close to both sidewalks and streets. Do not simply assume that the person installing the system knows best. Some installers understand this and install their systems wisely as well as professionally. In my area of New England, the Dog Watch people do an excellent job and understand the consequences of Barrier Frustration. This is not an endorsement for Dog Watch; it just so happens that I know from experience that they do good work, as do many others. Underground fence systems are a good thing when installed properly. Not all are equal; choose wisely.