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House Calls: Solving the Problem Where it Occurs

Dog owners contact me because they’ve become “stuck” with some problem with their dog. It can be simple, complex, or extremely serious. They require help and they’re hopeful that I can provide that help they so badly need. They simply want to get “unstuck” and on with life with they’re beloved pet.

The majority of my clients have already employed more than one trainer or behaviorist to work with them. Many have sent their dogs to canine boot camp.

Because no two dogs nor they’re owners are alike, I have never adopted a “one size fits all” approach. I first need to see and work with a dog in its most natural environment (its home) and get to know the client before I can put together a program designed to help that particular dog, as well as its owner.

I’ve been working at this practice for forty years. I have thousands of dogs and they’re problems “under my belt” as well as the experience gained doing so. So, chances are I’ve already seen and worked out the particular problem you’re attempting to deal with. Do your dog an enormous favor, contact me.


Ray with client's dogs on the Isle of Wight, UK

What Clients and Peers say about Ray and his work

Ray works primarily with dogs throughout New England. His reputation has, however, gained him clients across the country, and he has worked with dogs as far away as Canada, England and India. Whatever pet issues you are experiencing, Ray will work with you to get them resolved. His common sense approach, vast experience, and straightforward demeanor will help you resolve those conflicts without confrontation.

Ray is absolutely THE BEST trainer you could have for your “best friend.” We hired him to help me help Hogan, our German shepherd, learn to be less aggressive with people and other dogs. Hogan is a different dog now. Ray will stay involved with Hogan, and we welcome him into our family.

Marie O.
Walpole, MA

“Ray McSoley’s outstanding work with our terriers over the last 20 years enabled them to become well-adjusted, happy members of our family. His experience, wisdom and love of animals are unmatchable.”

Dick Bresciani
Vice President Public Affairs, Boston Red Sox

“He has developed imaginative and effective therapies. His experience has given us many valuable insights into the behavior of dogs.”

Katherine A. Houpt, DVM, Ph.D.
Director of the Animal behavior Clinic
New York School of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell

“Ray McSoley was born with that mysterious quality, “a way with animals”

Melrose, MA

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