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“Mr. McSoley came to my rescue. Within days, I stopped jumping up on people, walked well at heel, passed cats, rabbits, wild turkeys, dogs and people with no trouble at all. My owner now has a dog she can enjoy and be proud of.

Sasha the Canine
Owner is Marion Eliot, M.D.

Remote Trainer Clinics
I have used the remote trainer (unfortunately nicknamed the e-collar) since 1974, and have been instructing many of my clients in its proper use for over three decades. I began giving clinics as a result of seeing it misused by so many dog people, including some professional trainers. At these clinics I explain and demonstrate its’ proper use, as well as explain the different types of conditioning principles involved. There have been, recently, monumental changes in these wonderful training tools. Through the years, I have saved the lives of well over one thousand dogs and received the gratitude from their owners. It would not have been possible without the remote trainer.

Helping a dog learn how to heel at a collar clinic.

Contact me if you would be interested in me doing a remote collar clinic for your group.

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