"Improving relationships through natural communication.”

A Personal Introduction Note

Resolving an issue or two with a dog shouldn’t be that hard for an owner, yet most aren’t very successful at it. And, most dogs, like wire, have a kink or two that could use a bit of straightening.

So, for over 4 decades I’ve dedicated my work to promoting harmony between the dogs and their owners. This is accomplished best in your home because that’s where the issues are. So, I travel a lot. And I’m comfortable working with you, your kids, your friends and neighbors, whatever is necessary to help both you and pup get patched up and  on with life.

A dog with a problem can be a nightmare, while one problem free is a marvelous friend, brimming with patience, forgiveness, loyalty and unconditional love, qualities that you and I are still trying to master. They are creatures endowed with great dignity and purpose, deserving of the very best we can give them. I would be honored to work with yours.

May God bless you,

Ray McSoley

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