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Our life was upside down after rescuing 2 adorable street-dog pups in the Caribbean. They arrived, 5 months old with no names, never lived in a house and no training at all.

And, we loved them! One month later they had their first fight. Then another, and another, the last a very serious one. We were at our wits end, until our friends told us about Ray and we haven’t looked back since. He taught our family how to manage our dogs with “Heel” training, helping them to relax and be well behaved. Our dogs are now very happy and so are we. It has been transformational. We highly recommend Ray if you have any dog problems. You will also have made a great friend with this wonderful man.

Kim B.  Isle of Wight, UK

Heidi and Spira
Heidi and Spira

My 4 year old German Shepherd Spira was headed to an untimely bad end. Overly reactive since 18 months, she had grown increasingly dog aggressive and had charged through our invisible fence to bite her second victim, a dachshund walking in front of our house. I had sought out every behaviorist in the greater Boston area, seven of them, including three academics of international fame. Our town’s animal control officer knew my cell phone number.

Sweet Spira unpredictably would metamorphose into an uncontrollable volcano of fury. She was fine most of the time, but hated on seemingly random and innocent dogs. She clearly did not want to bite but seemed lost in a miasma of fear. I could not control her, I could barely hold her four-paw power. The snarling dog fights caused in me a hyperalert anxiety that fueled her flames.

The dachshund’s owner suggested Ray McSoley. When he first entered the house Spira went submissive. He tested her aggression using his goofy lab Finn, and she raged.

But Ray saw her sweetness. He said she was genetically volatile; my fear directed her aggression, she thought her job was to protect me—WRONG! My job was to protect both of us. Time for a reboot.

Spira got a track and field shock collar. Determined to save her, I chose that my word would be law. She got one chance to listen, and if not—zap. He set out to build upon our heeling work. She learned fast, and behaved.

Ray, Spira and I drove to dog parks in search of dog triggers. The third session, Ray had me pass within 2 feet of a dog. My heart beating a thousand beats a second and my thumb on the button, we walked past. No craziness! Clearly she was trying with every atom to control herself. I did it again. And again. Spira could do it! I laughed in hope.

After 2 weeks, Ray said she was ready to go off leash. We walked in the very parks where she had exploded, me tasting dread. We would pass 20 dogs in an hour. No aggression. My finger still poised above that button, we both healed. She and Finn bonded, cavorted, posed and ran like crazy puppies, splashing through streams and careening over paths like onrushing locomotives.

Her periodic possession stopped, and slowly over months, slowly, slowly, I lost my fear. I began to believe she was rehabbed, that my companion of the woods and fields had returned.

It took a year before we both completely healed. Now a model citizen, she politely sniffs rears, wags her tail, and takes a wide berth around nasty dogs who she somehow senses. Every now and then she takes a dislike to someone and starts to stalk, but a word or a touch from me brings her back. I am the boss and she is the dog. We are in madly in love, with each other and with beautiful Dog World.

This miracle is from Ray McSoley. He saved Spira’s life and gave us both the gift of rebirth.

Heidi Wyle
Weston, MA

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