An Accomplished Professional
Ray and Smokey
Ray with Smokey - 1947

Ray McSoley began helping dogs with people problems in 1974. A pioneer in the field of animal behavior therapy, his creative and innovative techniques have both influenced, and been modeled by, professional trainers throughout the country. His first book, Dog Tales, received national acclaim, and was a Literary Guild selection. A former guest lecturer on dog behavior and problem solving at both Tufts’ and Cornell’s schools of veterinary medicine, he also founded the animal behavior department at Boston’s famed Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in the early eighties.

He is the behavior consultant at the Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, MA and, by invitation, has both consulted and brought his training expertise to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT. He advises several other animal shelters throughout New England.

Ray McSoley is also a well-known lecturer and media commentator on canines. Articles and stories have been written about him in Yankee Magazine, The New York Times, the Boston Globe, the MSPCA’S Animals magazine and other major newspapers both in the United States and Europe. He has also appeared on both national and local television and radio programs.

Ray with Jake at a Field Trial.


“Only when the Dog Spirit invades your heart can you begin to think as one”

Ray McSoley

The relationship we share with our dog(s) should be based on mutual trust and respect, and that is gained best through a process I call Quiet Firmness.

A dog’s mind lacks all comprehension of the word equality. Why? Because he’s a dog. Therefore, every interaction between the dog and the human is viewed by the dog from 3 distinct elements: A – Hierarchy (pecking order); B – Survival Instinct; C – Chi, the Life Force energy present in all life forms.

Working with a dog is a lot like dancing. They both require harmony and balance, acquired through knowledge of each other, skill, dedication, and practice.

Solving Behavior and Training Issues Through 4 Unique Steps

1. Adopt Ray’s unique path to learning

2. Earn mutual trust and respect – through Quiet Firmness

3. Help your dog to learn – through Ray’s Natural Communication Method (NCM)

4. Learn to balance both you and your dog’s energy.

I combine my proven techniques for learning with sound principles of conditioning to solve behavioral issues. Using my Natural Communication Method (NCM) helps a client’s dog to finally learn how to learn and to focus on the client without the usual yelling, yanking, and frustration. Combining NCM with what I call Quiet Firmness (QF) results in the client achieving a positive, solid leader role with their animal, effectively ending (sometimes years) of conflict and confrontation. Finally, learning how to balance your energy, what the Chinese call Chi, with your dog’s own energy, through my relaxation exercises, results in a deeper and much more loving relationship with your pet.

Being in balance with your dog is as important as when riding a horse.


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